Wilmer Engineering provides design, development and consulting experience in the following technology arenas:

• Wireless communication systems (3 MHz - 42 GHz): RFID, Bluetooth, 802.11x, ZigBee, 802.16x, Trunked/conventional LMR, GPRS, SATCOM

• EMI, HIRF, Lightning, Environmental: DO-160, MIL-461, MIL-462, MIL-810

• Avionics: DO-160, DO-181, DO-186A, ED-23B, FAR 25.581

• Antenna Design: UHF/VHF/ FM - slot array, cavity back resonators, panel antennas

• Clients: DoD, Aerospace, NASA, NOAA, Public Safety & Law Enforcement, Homeland Security, Public Utilities, Commercial
Client Interface and Support

As a valued client of Wilmer Engineering, our commitment is to communicate with our clients on a consistent basis from initial contact through project completion.  Using our formula of providing a high degree of technical competence, consistent customer communications, and a personable staff to work with, we provide clients an experience that encourages repeat business as well as word of mouth advertising.

Technical Merits of Wilmer Engineering, LLC

Wilmer Engineering offers 33 years of technical & management experience in RF, wireless / systems engineering and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).  This experience covers both domestic and international arenas.

Wilmer Engineering provides detailed planning, design and implementation of wireless communications projects (3 MHz – 42 GHz) from system architecture to board level design.   Systems designed have been implemented by the Department of Defense, Dept. of Homeland Security, Public Safety & Law Enforcement, Public Utilities, NASA, as well as commercial applications.

Wilmer Engineering has provided Electromagnetic Effects (EME) support to Department of Defense, Aerospace and Commercial projects based on MIL-461, MIL-462 and DO-160 standards.